Just a casual cruise over Farseer Base. Nothing to see here.

Nope, nothing unusual here at all.


EDIT: Now with full-fat video guide on how it's done!

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LOL - so have you completely given up with driving the SRV along the ground these days? [haha]

Why would I do that? There's dirt down there!

But yeah I won't be submitting this one for the planetary circumnavigation club. At this point it kind of breaks the spirit of what it's about. Also I, um, sort of lost count of how many times I went around and around while my SRV was parked in orbit and I was out watching fireworks.
LOL, in FS9 I had a free add on RV that I discovered would fly and I made a funny video of it, I do not know it is is still around online or not, lol.
Woah! Are you actually in orbit? How do you do that?

I was! A bit over 2000 m/s.

I may post a followup "how to drive your SRV into stable orbit" video, but the gist of it is that you tilt forward and boost while in the air. This increases velocity. When you come down, you bounce back up... and since you're going faster, you bounce higher, which gives you more time to tilt-boost, so the next bounce is even higher, etc. Eventually you're making 100km leaps and getting up to 10k meters or more. And eventually you're getting to near-orbital velocities, and the "effective" gravity you experience goes down. The magic moment is when you can keep yourself up indefinitely by boosting.

After that, you're set, you just need patience. If you go too high, you'll reach an invisible ceiling where physics breaks, you lose all control, and drift away from the planet. Lots of people have managed that. But if you're careful, and patient, you can keep your altitude more or less constant and continue gradually accelerating, boosting less and less often while you wait for your vertical speed to level off, until eventually you're in an honest-to-goodness true circular orbit. It takes a while: getting into stable orbit took me the better part of an hour to do. You go from boosting constantly, to boosting on and off, to boosting every few seconds, then every many seconds, then every minute, then every few minutes, to a couple of final adjustment boosts spaced way out to perfect the circle.

This is actually the second time and the second planet where I've pulled this off. Shadowplay wasn't working the first time, but I got lots of good video footage for this one. I may try to put together a how-to/demo vid, or maybe I'll try to talk someone actually entertaining (Ghost Giraffe, ObsidianAnt, etc) into doing it. It's really not that difficult, once you know a couple tricks. And the current SRV physics are incredibly forgiving to high-speed collision.
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Hey Sushi, just curious, is your SRV distance travelled going up when you do this? In which case, what is it now ... must be some kind of record surely?

Also, if you fancy doing another one of these sometime then I have a science experiment for you.

Head over to Penal Colony BV 2259, planet AB 1 A in the HIP 16217 system.

Get an instance with the Thargoid and then trigger the bases defences by scanning the two data beacons, so the guns start firing.

Now do your thing. What I'm curious to know is, when you complete an orbit and do another flyby, will the Thargoid still be there and will the battle still be raging? Would make for an awesome video as you drift over the scene below!
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