Just a quick note about franchise overview and selling animals

I don't want to write an essay so I will make it quick (hopefully).
I tend to breed my own animals rather then buying them from the market (because my storage is always full so I spent long time choosing which animal to sell or release to buy a new one) and while switching between my franchise zoos (got 9 and play them depending on my mood) I don't remember in which one I got the species I need. So it would be nice if we could unroll page or something in franchise menu to see animal species in that particular zoo.

I would also love new tab in market, where you could see all animals you sold or failed to sell in order. I know we got such tub, but I can't sort the animals chronologically so if I want to check what just got sold, I can't. Having all animals I am currently selling as an sorting option would be great too, so I don't have to scroll through 4 pages before I find the one I want to check.
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