Ships Just bought an Anaconda need help increasing range

Things you do not skimp on if you want to travel the bubble safely:

Drives. Always A-rate + DD5
Distirbutor. Always A-rate with CE5
Shields and Boosters. This does not have to cost you loads of your range. C6 A-rated shield generator with x2 A-rated boosters engineered for RA5 and x6 E-rated (Yes E rated boosters are the lightest) engineered with HD5.

That way you can jump, still outrun moreorless any NPC's likely to give you any jip and more often than not survive a gank attempt provided you submit and highwake instantly.

If you're quick on the controls drop you can probably get away with a C5 shield generator but unless you've a decent amount of time behind the sticks you'd be best off playing it safe with the C6.
Dunno... I'm using class e shield boosters when I need resistance and not mjs... Also I used class e sensors because of power consumption... It all depends.
... Well OK if you want to call tiny-hardpoint-mounted equipment a module, fair enough - to me a module is internal equipment but that's just my world-view. :)
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