Just found probably undescovered yet abandoned settlement.

Reporting possible new discovery just in few houdreds of lightyears outside bubble. This location was triangulated by three listening posts:
  1. Listening Post at Wregoe PD-K d8-40 with distance to signal 31-33 Ly
  2. Listening Post at Synuefe KN-A a82-0 with distance to signal 55-58 Ly
  3. Listening Post at Wregoe DZ-D b39-6 with distance to signal 68-70 Ly
By this listening posts I found this system & planet:

Star system: Synuefe KN-J a77-3
Planet: Synuefe KN-J a77-3 1
Coordinates (Odyssey): lat: 5.85° lng: -45.00°
Coordinates (Horizons): lat: 17.13° lng: -96.80°


It contains 4 settlement logs:

Log Name: Kidnapped.


Unidentified Broadcast:

Help me… Please help me… I don't know how I
got here.

Last thing I remember I was on a transport
heading to the edge of habitable space. I
remember having a drink with the crew and
then it all goes blank.

I'm on a ship. I can't tell what kind, but it's old
and rusting. I think we're docked, there is no
sound of engines.

Whoever kidnapped me didn't search me very
well. I still have my pack, comms and portable
terminal. Must have been in a hurry.
Help me please.


Unidentified Broadcast:

It's been a days, I hear mumbling outside, but no
one has spoken to me. I scream and scream, but
no answer.

They are feeding me, if you can call what I find
in my cell every morning 'food'. I'm guessing
they don't want to kill me or why bother
kidnapping me? Maybe they think I'm someone
else and expect to get a ransom.
But I'm nobody. I work in logistics and trade
systems. No one is going to pay a ransom for


Unidentified Broadcast:

Oh god, they left the door to my cell open. What
is this place.

There are dozens of rooms, full of people or
what's left of people. And strange smells, some
of it filth from the cells but there is something
else… What is that smell? Smells like cooking

My guts are rumbling, maybe I can find some
real food.



Little Rabbits shouldn't go snooping or they
might end up in the cooking pot like the others.

Not, yet… Not it's turn… Needs fattening up first,
all skin and bones this one.

Quite Right, Mr Quince. This lady needs to wait
her turn. Besides we really should do something
about those messages you sent. Don't worry,
we're not monsters… At least not the kind of
monsters you think we are.
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Odyssey or Horizons? Please note that the coords can differ between the two due to the way planet generation works.

Didn't noticed that messages from listening posts contains different coordinates. Marked that this coordinates are from Odyssey.
I put coordinates from the listening posts for horizons. If someone want to visit this settlement please confirm this coordinates.
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