Just got trolled...

So I just took the hour and a half trip to Hutton orbital. Reading through the forums for a good spot to get my ship outfitted. Hutton orbital was mentioned so I decided to take a short trip(at least I thought it would be) and get my ASP scout outfitted. Ha. Never been to Hutton so I thought it would be quick and easy. Arrived in the system and started heading towards the station. Twenty minutes in I notice that I am making barely any progress towards it. Decide to grab a snack and come back ten minutes later. Still far away. Then I notice it says I still have a whole hour till I get there? That's funny lol.
I went there in full knowledge of what awaited me... and I keep going back every time I buy a new small or medium ship... and I fill up on mugs and gin, and go off somewhere far away to sell 'em - though sometimes I hang around to listen to the show, and occasionally in the past have messed around in space with other visitors.

And if you get ganked out there, then at least you can be happy in the knowledge that your killers had to fly out there for 90 minutes too...
Kind of jealous in a way, actually. I like grand adventure in not knowing the outcome of the thing. I've only got to Hutton Orbital to say I have. Well, that, and for the mug, of course. Usually my ambitions are a bit further reaching.

Cheers, Commander, and for your good humor about it, we shall toast with our mugs, surly. :D
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