Just got trolled...

My first hutton run was a mission redirect, I was a relatively new commander, and was running BGS missiosn to destabalise the federal governments in the area, one of my missions got updated with a new destination as I was just about to drop out of supercruise and approach the original destination, typical. So I looked up new destination system, it wasn't that far away, jumped to the system, pulled up system map, selected the starport as destination, set a course for it, went through to get another beer, came back, still the same distance but I was doing thousands of times the speed of light? OK, oh - its 0.22LY, Light YEARS, grabbed a calculator, punched in 60*60*24*365*0.22, near fell off my chair when the number came up with chump change under 7 million light seconds.

My next couple of runs were when I was playing with rares for BGS manipulation, Last one was after engineers released, one of my buddies in game and I put together an alt account with a type 9 for us to store our engineering cargo (modular terminals, cmm composites yada yada). I put a couple of dozen hutton mugs in storage on that type 9, and then started giving them away as in game presents.
Two months ago I had a lucky streak of things. Got Elite in trade, passed 1B in Credits balance, had my birthday. As a part of celebration of all of this I bought myself Mamba and as a final thing to sum it all up I went willinly to Hutton, just


Being prepared, watching some YT videos in the meantime, had dinner - all made whole trip quite short. Sure, relatively it took more than 30 minutes but I didn't felt it was long or tedious. In the end got there, bought few tones of mugs and transported half the bubble to sell with small profit.

So now I can say: been there and all I got it was a sticker.
So I just took the hour and a half trip to Hutton orbital. Reading through the forums for a good spot to get my ship outfitted. Hutton orbital was mentioned so I decided to take a short trip(at least I thought it would be) and get my ASP scout outfitted. Ha. Never been to Hutton so I thought it would be quick and easy. Arrived in the system and started heading towards the station. Twenty minutes in I notice that I am making barely any progress towards it. Decide to grab a snack and come back ten minutes later. Still far away. Then I notice it says I still have a whole hour till I get there? That's funny lol.
I hope you picked up the Voucher for a free Anaconda - 500 Credits which enables the bearer to purchase an Anaconda for 'Free' Less the 500 Credits of course
Even my wife, a non-gamer, knows all about Hutton Orbital.

Though perhaps that's because it delayed us going shopping by 90 minutes....coincidentally the exact amount of time needed to watch my team play football. Win win for me, whilst my wife learned all about the frustration of a trip to Hutton Orbital.

I've never been back. Orders from her Imperial Highness.
i did too and made about half the trip before breaking off. i did find it fun thought. thought i would do that another day. that day still hasn't come.

And if you get ganked out there, then at least you can be happy in the knowledge that your killers had to fly out there for 90 minutes too...
mmm ... supercruise assist? (don't really know how that works)
It used to be a good way to make money. Taking data \ cargo missions from Sol to Hutton Orbital, you could earn around 75m credits and do some housework at the same time.
Beware cheap imitation fake mugs. Cheeky bamstons even pinched our logo and text and are making money off it.
Yeh i got that impression when i was looking online for a photo of the mugs.
But i chose these mugs because i liked the comment.... 'All i got was these lousy mugs'...
It suited the vibe of the OP's post.
those were the VERY words that accompanied the invention of the Hutton Mug all those years ago at Lavecon:

"I flew to Hutton and all I got was this lousy mug".....

The rest is history. Or a waking nightmare. Depending on your point of view.
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