[LFG] Just looking for a wingman to do some Haz res missions. New players welcome! Come earn some creds, fed rank and chill

I'm still somewhat new myself but I'm just looking for someone to be super chill and knock out some execute/massacre missions in the Machi system today, it's a fantastic hub for stacking missions. If you are inexperienced and are looking to get into more combat don't be shy, I'm doing the same. Really good credits, Good Federation rank and some emp rank also occasionally.

Commander Esteo in-game or https://discord.gg/bBRAmhrV (The Slophouse) - I'm the only one in the server.

If I'm non responsive I'll be back shortly. But even if you've never done a second of combat and are just feeling saucy, by all means, I truly don't mind.
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