Just saw the new trailer. WOW!

FD know how to make a good trailer.

I hope its not just good use of the camera but that planet looked like it had a lot of stuff on, and looks like caves. Hope there are plenty of them and not just one or two.

Looks great.

Note Barnacle meta alloy pod on left.
That seems pretty ominous...is it meant to advertise 2.3?

Please tell me I can purchase those spikes!
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Let's hope the "spiky" planet isn't just the art department's promotional teaser and eventually shows up in the game. As the live streams have never revealed anything like it we'll wait and see. Definitely not in 2.3 Beta.

Meanwhile with the Thargoids showing up it looks like surface prospecting just got a whole lot more dangerous! Hmmm...Maybe the mothership protecting Tharglets on the surface...
All I can say... WOW! I want that spikes like ship kit NOW!

Lol its funny how different people are psyched for differed things (this is a good thing).

For me i thiught those spikes were the weak part of the vid, it was the terrain on that planet in the distance and the cave which did it for me ( and the thargoid) but to each their own :)
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