Just saw the new trailer. WOW!


New type of SRV? Current ones have 6 wheels, unless the last two are hiding off-screen. (If you slow it down to 0.25x speed, definitely looks like there's only 4 wheels.)
What I noticed was multicrew without pewpew.
Lets hope that's actually a thing at some point.
(yeah, I know you can technically do it now, but I mean more that just staring out the window.)
We saw the trailer for the ED while we were participating in the Beta years ago, and wondered what game that was. Nothing in it was in game other than the models. Any new vid showing this game will be the same issue.
lol, it's purposefully like a Prometheus/Alien teaser trailer almost shot by shot and similar "alien" dread sounds. Which is smart and capitalizes on the anticipation for Alien: Covenant.


ED always seemed like the closest in look to landing on a desolate planet in Nostromo/Prometheus type of looking ship. (The Nostromo is about 2/3 bigger than an Anaconda).
Like a future mission with NPC or player crew getting "infected" in alien/insectsoid looking structure while exploring on spacelegs.
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We know this story all too well.

Folks get hyped up, actual content appears, half of it is bugged, we're banging our heads against walls, developers claim 'working as intended', and finally there's a fix for it in two months with the next feature release...

I believe there were many similar comments when the trailer for Horizons came out, lots of cool looking stuff that didn't really mirror the actual release. Also a lawsuit over NMS for example about what the trailers "portrayed" and what got delivered. Bottom line is the trailer is advertising more than anything, after all it's designed to generate interest and therefore sales, not a "promise" of exact features. Meh, like everything else, take it with a grain of salt (so to speak), at least there are interesting concepts coming our way :)
What you don't see in the video is the actual gameplay. Just some cool shot angles that you don't normally see in game.
None of the rinse and repeat grinding we all do in this game.
We play the game, a shiny video shouldn't really make you too impressed.
It's a lure for new gamers making it look like a very co-operative based gameplay with everyone working together.( and maybe some aliens to shoot).
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