Comparing side by side, I'm pretty sure it's the same model, were it a significantly different model it would not be as much of an issue.

I'm sure it'll have a few unique anims, but it's not something you can factor in yet (though that seems like a selling point they'd talk about).

It sets a precedent for future DLC, assuming there's still missing dinos from JWE1.
It really doesn't, unless new dlc is going to be "1/10th JWE1 9/10ths brand new".
About the language's options ,do you know anything? It will be only in English ,or also in Italian ,German,Spanish and so on ,like JWE?
I was wrong! I didn't click the view more bit. seems it's in more languages, plus some party translated (ui and subtitles). Japanese, Portuguese (brazil), Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish (Latin American), and partly in Korean, Polish, Traditional Chinese.
Still the best guide as a language list I reckon. Sadly I don't know how to find a ps4 language list. Often the games are the same, since they carry the translation files across but I can't confirm that personally. I'll see what I can find.
Damn... not in Italian? JWE was also in Italian..
Yes Italian, it was the languages you mentioned, (Italian, German, English, Spanish) plus what I added from reading more. Sorry for that confusion. That's on me, I tried to do that in the laziest manner. 😅
I don't know which would be pc only sorry, i couldn't find it anywhere on playstation store. or even Epic Games Store. More places should be like steam in this matter.
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