I wonder if Marine Reptiles fight if there are too many in a Tank. A Mosasaurus Fight might look interesting
Seems like there will be since Mosa doesn't seem to like too many of its own and it does show that they don't like other creatures. Since we have seen it eat another so important to keep it fed.
I think I've heard once that originally there was a Scene planned for the first Movie where something like a Brachiosaurus Underwater Viewing Area was supposed to be seen
Would be cool to have but it would be nice to have scenes from JP 1 & 3 with dinos swimming and all in deep water.
How can you be SO certain?
Whilst the goat feeders have yet to be seen, I'm certain because they were in the previous game and it would make no sense for Frontier to remove either one of them when considering how they like to implement differences, both big and small, so that the JP & JW eras are distinct from each other.
Anche se le mangiatoie per capre devono ancora essere viste, ne sono certo perché erano nel gioco precedente e non avrebbe senso per Frontier rimuoverne una se si considera come gli piace implementare le differenze, sia grandi che piccole, quindi che le ere JP e JW sono distinte l'una dall'altra.
operation genesis with Cow new carnivore feeder review
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"Here's a new #TuesdayTrivia for you: The T. rex apparently had a very keen sense of smell, and studies have revealed that the dinosaur had almost as many genes encoding its olfactory receptors as a house cat does today!"

Pretty sure this is the paper they are referring to: https://royalsocietypublishing.org/doi/full/10.1098/rspb.2019.0909

It's an estimation of the number of Olfactory receptor genes based on the size of the Olfactory bulb in the brain, extrapolated from birds. The Tyrannosaurids have the highest number of the dinosaurs estimated (the largest olfactory bulbs), more than a Turkey Vulture, but less than a Zebra Finch or an Alligator. The study includes non-functional genes, hence the discrepancies.
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