JWE Screenie(s)...

^ Spinoraptor has kind of become my favorite theropod in the game, for the sheer fact that out of the available hybrids it looks the most realistic.

Like, I really would not be surprised if in a few decades or so we discovered a small or medium sized spinosaurid that looked exactly like Evolution's version of Spinoraptor.
These pics are amazing especially some of the maps. And mr.DNA that is one of the most realistic pics I’ve seen in game. I have the Xbox version and I can make some decent parks but these are mind blowing. What makes it more impressive is this is not the easiest game to build on imo. I don’t know if there’s any advantages with pc but outstanding pics:
On Sanctuary Island, it is a well known fact that the only way to protect yourself from the tropical storms and escaping dinosaurs is with the power of DANCE!

If only Chris Pratt told everyone about the Dance-Off To Save The Island, they could have stopped Mt. Sibo from erupting!

These gents look like they're about to drop the hottest research album of 2020!

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