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Jurassic World Evolution_20200511012352.jpg

One detail I keep seeing and loving are the moments when carnivorous dinosaurs would follow the tour vehicle near the fence. Curiosity + Potential meal

Jurassic World Evolution_20200508003612.jpg

Jurassic World comes with the perk of free dental plans for the dinosaurs!

Jurassic World Evolution_20190514204533.jpg
Jurassic World Evolution_20190509221905.jpg
Jurassic World Evolution_20190425220108.jpg

I think one quotation I see in the loading screen is how the goats are genetically modified to not feel fear, which is why they could be so quiet and calm around the predators sometimes.

Jurassic World Evolution_20190517131248.jpg
Jurassic World Evolution_20190503184645.jpg
I'm in awe at some of the shots you're able to take, @Pixelated Sparkster!
hehehehe thanks! It is a lot of fun using capture mode, I just like to record whatever strange things I see and try to archive as much as possible. I believe I reached 72GB on my ps4 for photos and videos of JWE alone 😂

I made a thread recently of my favorite moments playing JWE. My favorite photos and moments are on that thread if you wish to see them :)
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