JWE2 My Wishlist

Some ideas and definite wants I would like to see in JWE2...
Let me know what else you'll like to see! ;)(y)

Dino Poop

Cow Live Feeder


Hot Air Balloon Ride for JP and Heli/Plane tour for JW


Jurassic Park Observation Tower


Viewing Dome 360 view

Petting Zoo


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Most of this is very interesting but I think the tower maybe a little bit filled in by the ones that we have in the game already in the Jurassic Park era.

Janitor's I would love to see sweeping the Pathways in Jurassic world Evolution 2 I love to be busy in Jurassic world Evolution too and I think that they should include janitors hiring and firing them to to make sure that your Park is clean.

I definitely would want a hot air balloon as another option from my guests to enjoy the dinosaurs without disturbing them for the Jurassic Park era.

I agree another type of viewing platform including one where you can put a dome in the middle of your Paddock so your guests can view your dinosaurs better like the Tyrannosaurus Kingdom Redwood viewing platform is it good example.

Dinosaurs pooping is heavily requested by the community for our Ranger teams to clean up and it would be interesting if Frontier added this mechanic.

anyway this is a very decent list and I absolutely agree with most of them definitely.
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