Parks Kaleidoscope Piers

I'm loading the park now. Takes a while. I hope it doesn't crash my game. Sometimes the game will freeze and crash randomly forcing me to click OK to quit the game.
If you get the crash window that asks if you want to close the game, try clicking NO instead. Sometimes it comes back. It does take a long time to open the file. One friend reported it took about 50 minutes. 😬 But he has an older computer.
It opened. It just took a while. But I need to buy Ghostbusters to save it? I guess I’ll have to buy it if I want to save my own copy of the park, make changes, etc. Also, turning the graphic settings to low or off helps a bit with the lag/slowdown. I like how you made a town/city with it with hotels, attractions, etc. and the piers look nice and have nicely themed indoor rides. I don’t like that you got rid of Lost Expedition though for a coaster.
Correct. You cannot save the file without the Ghostbusters set.

I know you miss the Lost Expedition. I just felt like it did not fit on a pier - it was just too big. But thankfully you can still see it in its blueprint form.
Someday I’m going to finish my Wildwood piers recreation. There will be a few different versions based on different years, like 1980, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1988, 1989, 1995, 1996, 1998 for example. I’m doing lots of research to make it somewhat accurate. The rides changed over the years, old rides were removed and new rides built. A few piers went out of business and were bought by Morey’s Piers. One pier at the north end (Sportland Pier) will be omitted due to room.
Just downloaded your park, live the park so far. Is there away to save the park with out some DLC’s? I’m just missing one DLC that I don’t plan on buying.
I don't think the game will let you save the park if you don't own all the DLC sets it contains. Glad you like it though! Did you find your Easter egg yet? 😁
"When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie ... That's amore"
If you're next time visit Kaleidoscope Pier, I would like to invite Jason and you to a pizza. .... Thank you for the wonderful restaurant. I'm very honored.

The park is amazing. It took a while to load, but it's worth the waiting. Unfortunetely I need to add a few missing items for the complete pleasure. But that shouldn't be the problem.
Amazing work buddy.
Kudos to you for putting in so much work to fill every corner with top quality awesomeness.
I can't wait to spend a few in there and be amazed :)
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