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I'm in awe. You have always been a pioneer in the Coaster Gaming world, and this is no exception. Truly outstanding work!!!!!!!
Where's the corner roof pieces from the manor? On the workshop there is the straight roof piece, but no corner one. Just the roof caps, round and square. I substituted a built in roof corner on mine.
Robert, I built the corners by intersecting 2 straight sections and deleting the shingles that overlapped.

Thanks, guys!

@Restless Bohemian: my hope is that the developers will see how hard it is to make simple doors with the few parts we have and will make us some proper doors. [yesnod]
Midnight Manor now available on the workshop!

Midnight Manor is now available as a sandbox file on the workshop!

Note: you MUST download the Midnight Manor billboard pack and place the images and webm videos in your C:\Documents\Frontier Developments\Planet Coaster\UserMedia folder or most of the walls in the ride will be blank and you'll miss the spookiest effects. Get that pack here:

Also, you can download a pack including some of the other sounds I used in the ride here:

The ride runs best with only one car if you want to see all the effects synched properly. Otherwise, the sounds bleed through the walls. ha ha.

Note: there are dozens of triggered billboards in this ride. If this load will affect your computer's performance, be warned!

Also, you MUST have both the Back to the Future and Munsters DLC packs to open the park!!

(nevermind. Apparently you do not need to own those sets to open the park. But the save function for the park will be disabled)
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Oh wow, you're sharing the whole ride now? Thanks man. I'm still going to build my own version in my pier park. Mine will look a bit different and have a slightly different track layout inside. I don't think I can make mine as good as yours, I kind of suck at building all the details. That attic scene has so much detail. And the rest of the ride from what I saw of it. I'm downloading now. I liked all those classic spook rides as a kid at places like Dorney Park and Wildwood, NJ. I didn't get to ride some of them back in the early 1980's at Wildwood and most are gone now. They (Morey's Piers) have one left built in 1981, a two level gothic themed ride called Dante's Dungeon, formerly Dante's Inferno, and two others, a pirate boat ride and a Ghost Ship walkthrough. Also, Rehoboth Beach, DE and Ocean City, MD have good classic haunted rides.
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Also, you MUST have both the Back to the Future and Munsters DLC packs to open the park!!
I only own the former and you can still open the park, just gives you a DLC warning when opening it and you can't edit any of the Munster scenery pieces (in this case the green smoke for example). They still show up however [up] If it was a ride blueprint seems then you can't place it in your park.

Great use of the billboards, incredible ride.
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Midnight Manor should be renamed Nightmare Manor. But that's too common.

I love this dark ride. Best I've seen. The trap door trick is awesome and I love how you used the billboards to your advantage by making custom walls and stuff. I really liked it when the rooms started going upside down and tilted, because I couldn't tell if you banked the ride or flipped the scenery.
Midnight Manor 2 - by Fisherman

Midnight Manor, a terrifying haunted attraction at Kaleidoscope Piers.

It's midnight, and all is definitely not calm and peaceful. A gateway to the supernatural, this mansion is not for the faint of heart. Prepare to be utterly creeped out by Lord Midnight and his ghosts.

It's been a while since your last visit, and thanks to the new Spooky Pack update, some new spirits have moved in. So hop aboard and spend another witching hour in the all new and improved Midnight Manor!


Great job! Nice update. What is the dripping blood and where do I find it in the game? I don't mean the static icicles, but the new dripping liquid from the spooky pack.
Thanks, Robert! It's in the spooky scenery set... It looks like a little brown cube in the menu. There are two versions - a glowing one and a non-glowing one.
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