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So is this park avaliable to download? I would love to visit this park in my Planet Coaster! Such an AMAZING Pier!! I LOVE IT!!! Where can I download this park?
Here is my Bats in the Belfry ride from Kaleidoscope Piers!


Notes: after building the queue and exit path, delete the orange arrow. Set the friction slider to 0.8 and run 7 cars on the track.

The ride is a zany Reverchon/Zamperla spinning mouse. Fly on a clumsy bat through an old church that's under renovation. Have fun! Use the glowing eyes videos from my billboards (see below) so the walls in the drop tunnel will have eyes.

Get the billboard set here:

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Finally put some of my games in my park. So far I have Dunk-a-Doodie, Straight-n-Arrow, Pop Darts, Down-a-Klown, and Sitting Ducks! Complete with custom plush and inflatable prizes!

Get three doodies in a pot and win a giant plushie poo emoji! You can choose the standard brown poo, the dainty pink poo with her red bow, or the politically correct rainbow poo!

Win a giant plush snake playing Straight-n-Arrow:

Pop Darts and Down-a-Klown will earn you an inflatable alien or a fluffy panda. Winning at Sitting Ducks will get you a colorful mammal of some sort (cat? bear?), an inflatable rubber ducky, or a cowboy hat:

Had some fun with Photoshop and made custom painted backdrops for Down-a-Klown and Sitting Ducks:

How many wooden coasters are you going to have? What is the wood coaster on the right in the one shot? Do you plan any more haunted rides similar to Midnight Manor? How about a classic Pretzel ride using the Hoax ride? Bill Tracy Whacky Shack? When do you plan to release the park?
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So far the park has 14 coasters! Three woodies so far: Ocean Cyclone, Fireball (the one you noticed), and Zephyr. I plan to add an old figure-8 side friction one once the Anniversary update comes out this week.

Here's a POV of Zephyr:


Anybody recognize the music? [big grin]
Thanks, guys! I do plan to release it eventually...or maybe release some WIP versions soon. Not sure... I have 3 or 4 more darkride ideas! And LOTS of basics like restaurants, games, shops, etc...PLUS the buildings across the street haven't been started yet.
I'm having fun with the update!

Here is Leap-the-Whees (my hubby named it... ;) )

I LOVE the side friction coaster! I love that the supports are wide enough apart that you can stack track and the supports don't disappear!
The Haunted Mine

The Haunted Mine is one of the oldest rides at the park. Totally refurbished a few years ago, the ride has all-new state-of-the-art animatronics and effects. It is a gravity-powered wooden tracked ride with all the rickety roughness you'd expect careening through an old abandoned mine. it really abandoned? Find out inside...The Haunted Mine

Some interior shots and a POV!

The Lost Expedition

New at Kaleidoscope Piers!

We have lost contact with a small group of treasure hunters. We fear their plane went down in the jungle. Did they survive? Did they find the temple? Did they discover the legendary treasure?

Explore haunted jungles and a mysterious ancient temple in search of The Lost Expedition!

This multi-million-dollar Mack water coaster/darkide will thrill guests of all ages for years to come.

Here is the POV!


and some new screenies:

Overall shots of the building showing the proscenium arched entrance and diorama style facade:

The entrance:

Inside the station is an excursion office. Guests can peek in the windows as they wait for their boat to arrive.

The station:

Transfer track and boat storage shed (most of the storage area and maintenance bay are hidden behind the starry facade.

And a couple of teasers of the ride...don't want to give too much away!

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