Keeper DOES NOT feed animals!!

This is unbelivable that keepers do not fill food trays, this was a huge problem on all 15 days of Beta, yet here we are at lauch and the bug is worse than it was in Beta
I already started a brand new zoo, I have power on huts, I have assigned a single keeper per habitat, I already moved the trays, I already deleted the trays the only way to go around is send each animal to trade center and then replace it, which is absurd!!
When will this be fixed?
I'm not having this problem. If your animals are starving they have asked that you send them your save files so they can see what is happening. However your trays are not supposed to be full. Check out the news thread on keepers to find out if you need to report it.
Same problem. My baby Tiger which I worked so long for to get almost died because my keepers somehow only refilled a blood pumpkin and my baby Tiger wouldnt use it. Just thinking about my Tiger dying because of such a stupid reason is so heartbreaking.
Maybe it is as intended, but still it is a strange and buggy way to handle it. As we can see here I want to set up several feeding-points like enrichment-items and simple trays in order to make the animals move around and be seen by the visitors etc... so I need my zookeepers to fill up all the food not just one because the amount of food might be enough.
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