Keepers Of The Raxxla - Roleplaying Idea

Hello commanders,

I'm pretty new to roleplaying even tho i have more than 600 hours. I was exploring the galaxy since it was the only reason i bought this game. After playing freelancer as a kid, i was in deep search of same experience. Finally i've found ED. Anyway,

I know there are some people who are researching about thargoids, guardians, dark wheel and raxxla. There are "Xeno-friends" who protect the thargoids while some "xeno-hunters" are hunting them. I saw a forum thread about "researching raxxla", however i didn't see any people who want to keep people from figuring out what raxxla was.

I want to know what raxxla is, but as a roleplaying perspective, i don't feel like someone should find it.

So my proposal is;
Let's establish "Keepers of the Raxxla" and keep other people from researching it. We can do it by doing raxxla related missions by ourselves, hunting people who hunt for raxxla, prevent expeditions about researching raxxla.

I'm 65,647ly away from sol, but i will be back in bubble in a few weeks. Then i can help new people to make some money to buy ships, find materials for engineering.

btw. i'm pretty new about this "forum" and "roleplaying" stuff. so if you want to establish raxxla with me, you can be admin or whatever, i really need a hand lol
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