Parks Kidneyland - an MKE park

Hello, welcome to my first park that I'm willing to share with all of you. I'm fairly new to the community, so allow me to introduce myself:

My name is Mike, I'm a Disneyland cast member working in Tomorrowland. I've been working there for around three years, and I enjoy it very much. Ever since I picked up this game, my goal in mind was to create a park that is very "Disney" immersive but with the addition of my own taste in coaster designs.

Update 1: Serpent's Pass - an original four-inversion arrow that is surrounded by the trees on the hillside. This was inspired by Arrow's massive multi-loopers that were built in the early 90's. This particular coaster is one of the few greats remaining. Over the years it has rusted and maintenance has been number one priority to keep this E-ticket attraction running. Located in Pirate's Lair, on the west wing of the park.



More to come.

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