Dinosaurs General Gameplay Killing for sport?

Carnivorous kills, but don't feed? Why?

It makes them hungry even when there is a large herbivorous to eat.

Yeah, its fine hunting for instinct, but they just kill anything they can see everytime. And it don't solve they hungry at least?

C'mon guys...
Hi Wolves Pact,

Carnivores fight for dominance and control of a group, but they will also eat from a corpse after they've killed a dinosaur.
Yeah, i just realised they eat from dead dinosaurs.

Adjust I.A to create a more detailed behavior may be impraticable due the scope of the overall game system.
(Or not, maybe adjust carnivorous to kill herbivorous only when they are hungry is enough to create a dynamic, i dont know)

So i will close this thread.

Thank you
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