King Ghoster

I guess this confirms the leaked roadmap, if the Planet Zoo announcement wasn't enough already 😉

Not waiting for a Ghostbusters DLC, but we'll see what exactly it contains. Some animatronics would be nice.

Still holding out for one more QOL-update with photos on the coasters/trackrides.
I was big on Ghostbusters in 1990 when I was 7. The new movies not so.

Not hyped for this one. Maybe there are useful pieces but I doubt it.
I just received the Planet Coaster newsletter. Here is what is mentioned:

King Ghoster has taken over this week's newsletter, plus our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts! Check out his favourite Haunted Houses and more! #GhosterTakeover

Then King Ghoster presents his favorite creations and at the end this is what is written:
Check out the #GhosterTakeover hashtag on our social accounts to see what else King Ghoster has been getting up to!

Are you still thinking about an announcement from the DLC Ghostbusters or is it just a way to vary their communication?
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I can't get excited for any more DLC when the core of the game is still messed up.

Fingers crossed that Planet Zoo is using an improved Cobra engine (DX12 maybe?) so they can upgrade Planet Coaster making it playable and enjoyable again, then i'll start considering DLC again.
I see what you did there, Frontier. Announcing the end of your game's lifecycle with some gags about ghosts. :p

Seems like this Ghostbusters teaser confirms that the leaked roadmap wasn't so fake after all. Which also means that the game truly entered "maintenance" (aka "milking") mode and we don't have to expect any more noteworthy development.
I sure hope not. There is so much more Frontier can I add to Planet Coaster. I don't think Frontier is done adding new things to Planet Coaster just yet. I would like to see get added are Midway games and more Kiddie Rides.
I wish they would fix the game so that bumper boats, mini golf, fun house, mirror maze, walk through haunted house, etc. are possible. I hope though that they continue with the ride packs and maybe a midway/carnival pack with working midway games.
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