Parks Kings Dominion

I am also working on a Kings Dominion recreation. Someone already made one but it’s not 100% accurate. Mine will have the Old Dominion Line steam train because I like steam trains and was bummed after they removed it. There are very few photos of the station but there’s a photo of the back of the station, and a 1976 map shows the station drawn with detail. Unlike Kings Island’s train, KD’s train had only one station, in the Old Virginia section. It was basically a ride back into the woods after going past Rebel Yell’s lift hill and had old west buildings, signs along the tracks with funny sayings, etc. KI’s train includes a stop at the water park and features a high trestle which KD’s train didn’t have. But, KD’s train went back into undeveloped areas of the park otherwise inaccessible to the public. Well, so does KI’s, but KI’s hugs the one end of the park from back to front.
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