Parks Kings Falls - my version

I am working on a fictitious park called Kings Falls, similar to Kings Island and Kings Dominion. Someone on Youtube is making a park with the same name but I liked the name. I have a screenshot of the entire park so far. I was so bummed in 1997 when I found out Kings Dominion removed their steam train during my second visit, as well as Haunted River and Smurf Mountain were closed to redevelop the mountain into Volcano: The Blast Coaster. My first visit 4 years earlier I rode those three rides. Kings Island still has a steam train and is bringing antique cars back next year. Kings Dominion still has their original antique cars. My park will have a steam train, antique cars, log flume, hydro flume, rapids, and a bigger splash flume using the water coaster and more. The big box in the back is a Flight of Fear, so that it gets pitch black inside even in the daytime. I always liked the design of the Kings parks with the Eiffel tower replica and International Street, and I wanted to make my own version. I always wondered why the kids area is on the left in KD and on the right in KI, but the Action FX theater is way in the back behind Racer in KI, but to the right of the Eiffel Tower in KD, and the other theater is to the left of the entrance in KI but past the Eiffel Tower diagonally to the right in KD. Also the Racer coasters are in different positions in KI and KD.

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