Kings Island recreation

I started this a while back but started working on it again. It will be more accurate than the other KI's out there. I managed to fit the entire park within the buildable area. No waterpark due to it being outside the buildable area and no working waterpark elements. I did rip off a few things from other KI parks, and some things from the workshop like buildings and coasters. The Eiffel Tower is echoplexe's from the workshop. It is based on the 2020 park because it has the new Antique Autos and Orion which is a workshop item. I still have a long way to go with pathing, landscaping, and rides that I missed. The carousel building is by ShadowxPhenix which I happened to still have in my workshop items but he made most of his items friends only a while back. He doesn't like people reuploading his stuff without permission but I'm sure if it's in a park it will be ok. It is based off of the carousel buildings at Kings Dominion, Kings Island, etc. I used the grand carousel instead of the venetian but it's reversed (clockwise) because it based on UK carousels. US carousels go counterclockwise. The Venetian does, but it's smaller in diameter. I don't know when I will have this park closer to completion.





Some updates

Juke Box Diner with neon lettering I added. Building is by echoplexe I believe. I modded and recolored the arch around Juke Box.


Coney Mall is taking shape

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