[EMPIRE] Kitle Corp Group

Greetings fellow commanders. We are looking for new members for our growing squadron and would like to have you join ours! We are a very player focused group and have a "method" for easing new to the game members into Elite Dangerous as many of you veteran players, myself included know all too well the learning cliff this game has. We have on several occasions taken a literal brand new player and have them making hundreds of millions of credits within the first few hours of their playing experience. We're a mature group of players and would be greatly interested in other like minded players. Toxic, negative, or immature types need not apply. We actively wing up with our members and happily help any that are in need of assistance. We have a teamspeak server that we all use and it is pretty much mandatory. We want to get to know our members and I would imagine they would want to get to know us too. Lastly we also have a private server we primarily play on to spare any new members the frustration of encountering "griefers" Anyone interested in joining need only drop in an application or contact myself or one of my senior staff directly in game and we will take things from there. Expect to receive a friend invite and a request to log on to our teamspeak server immediately.

Best regards folks, thanks for taking the time to read my post.
Fly safe Commanders!
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