Parks Klugheim (Phantasialand) Recreation | Taron and Raik

Last month we released the Klugheim Recreation, including Taron, Raik, several Restaurants and tons of Theming.

Even though, this saved game contains only one area with two rides, it has over 200.000 obejcts because of the heavy theming. It took over 1 year to finish this project, since recreations are kionda tricky.

The "real" area is located at Phantasialand, Germany and has a medieval theme. Taron, which is the major ride in Klugheim, is the energy transport for the villagers of Klugheim. Raik however, is a scientific project: Its a time machine.

But without anymore talking I'll review the area, with some background information:
Before going into detail, here are 3 overview pictures:




The main entrance is above ground level, but the area has two other entrances:

The sign says translated "If the luck knocks on your door, dont miss to open it"

This entrance was built by Rudi Rennkamel, thanks for that!

This is the firs look you get of Taron, when going through the main entrance.

When you follow the right pathway, you are going to see this amazing view over the area:

You'll see the two launch tracks and the brake run on the left hand side of the bridge. Taron is an intamin multi launch coaster, which is the longest of its kind. That's means a speghetti bowl of track, within a fully themed area!

Going down the brdige, you'll get to the queueline entrance of Taron.

From the queueline, you'll get amazing views of the major coaster Taron, as well as the huge basalt rock formations.

The queueline itself runs all under the track of Taron.

Even the small easter eggs like the face in the support footer are recreated.

The most hated part of Taron is the extension queueline... But, you know, I had to recreate it.

When you survived the ridiculous waiting times, you'll arrive in the station

The exit path leads to a small area with an amazing view.

After riding Taron, you might wanna eat or ding something. That's no problem in Klugheim since there's a restaurant and two food stalls in the central plaza of the village.

The village has a unique architecture!

The indoor restaurant is - of course - heavily themed as well.

But as you might remember, Taron is not the only Coaster in the area. There's also the Family Boomerang called "Raik". This ride will send you forwards and backwards through the compact layout! I'm going to sum up the are with 4 pictures:





And the last pictures will be that one. Why? It's a pretty popular angle of Taron.

Thanks for stopping by! If you want to check out everything (The area looks stunning at night), you might want to subscribe to it in the workshop :)


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Awesome Work :O

Must have been really difficult to recreate because this Coaster is so hidden. There is not one angle where you get a good shot of the layout.
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