Knights of Karma INRA Expedition - SITREP

Knights of Karma INRA Expedition


Expedition Start: Diaguandri, 1700 Galaxy Time, 25th November, 3303
Expedition Completed: Qa’wakana, 2300 Galaxy Time, 25th November, 3303
Expedition Distance:1712.35 LY
Expedition Sign Ups Confirmed: 23
Expedition Turnout: 18
Protection Strength:30
Casualties: 2
Expedition Status: Successful

Expedition Report:
The fleet consisted of about 48 ships, expeditioners and protectors. The expedition consisted of 10 waypoints each visiting an abandoned planetary base.

The expedition team left Ray Gateway in Diaguandri at 1705 hrs. Scout fleets cleared WP 1 and the expedition team jumped into the secured system. The base was found and scans were done. Scout fleets cleared WP 2 and we jumped in there.

The situation was normal until WP 6. The scouts had cleared the system and the expedition team jumped in. Moments after the expedition team jumped in the scout team spotted a group of hostiles in the system. On the orders of the protection fleet, the expedition team jumped to the nearest system and waited in normal space. One commander was not able to jump out in time and was lost to the hostiles. The protection fleet engaged the hostiles and were able to rout them. Another commander was killed in an unrelated crime in his home system. No further contact with hostiles was established after this and the expedition concluded in Qa'wakana as planned.

Combat Report:
An attack on the fleet was expected knowing from past experience. An expected scenario was an attack when the explorers were landed on the planetary surface. Another scenario was an attack in deep space. Either way, the expeditioners were not outfitted to survive an attack. Thus the protection fleet was well prepared for such scenarios.

A fleet of titan ships flew with the expedition fleet at all times. Two scout sections scouted the upcoming waypoints.

There was no incident until WP 6 when the fleet Commander of the First Scout Section reported strong hostile presence in the system. The presence was reported after the expedition fleet jumped into the system. The First Scout Section engaged in combat with the hostiles while the expeditioners were advised to jump away from WP 6.

After a short battle with a group of 16 hostiles, the whole protection fleet dropped in together. Seeing the protection strength, the hostiles withdrew without further combat. According to reports they intercepted the high wake signatures of the combat fleet.

The Protection fleet secured the system around WP 6 and the expedition was completed without any further disturbances.

The scans at the base show incriminating evidence that the INRA were responsible for outright genocide of the Thargoids during the First Encounter. They were further responsible of countless human rights violations and even murders to keep this act a secret.

The current Thargoid encounter might be a repercussion to what INRA has done to them. Currently the AEGIS Initiative is taking a similar nature and it calls for us to keep a lookout on their actions and not be fooled into playing their game.

Hostiles have once again shown that spreading fear and horror is their only agenda. Their need to kill has remained unfulfilled this time and will remain unfulfilled in the future.

The Armada of Light has the strength, the technology, the will and the courage to put an end to the terror and we'll make sure of it!

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