Parks Knotts berry farm recreation

Heres a time lapse of ghost rider being built
Good luck. I started it but didn’t get beyond the entrance plaza. I started my own Kings Island, too but I cheated, I used some items from echoplexe’s park and from the workshop as well as my own buildings like the train station. I used your entrance building. I used some coasters from the workshop but I used a different Banshee in my second KI (I started over with a larger map size) because it seemed more accurate layout wise than yours. You did a great job on the Banshee sign, though. As for KBF you can build the two steam trains more accurately now as I believe they both just have one station each. A fix fixed the issue where guests would avoid the train if it had just one station. FYI - Knott’s just closed/removed the boomerang coaster. No idea what is replacing it.
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robert why did u stop ?

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Where is Knotts Berry Farm? Is it near Disneyland? How far is it from Six Flags Magic Mountain? I’ve never been to California but I have an uncle and cousins out there. I live near Dorney Park which is a Cedar Fair park since 1992. Knotts is now Cedar Fair as well. As for my Knotts park, I stopped working on it but might resume it at some point but yours looks a bit better, your entrance buildings. Mine I didn’t make the ticket booths curved, I just made them across in a straight line. Also I would have to depend on park maps and satellite maps, and street view where you can view the inside of the park like a guest on google maps for accuracy.
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knotts is about 10 min from disney , and about an hour and half away from six flags ,and yeah im looking on google street view to build this to ive been to knotts alot but i still need pictures and videos to help my build ,
Ghost rider build pt 3

New ghost rider build ep is now out !
Knotts berry farm Ghost rider build PT2

I want to see how far you are going with this. I am trying to build Cedar Point on the largest map size the unfinished ones on the workshop wouldn’t work for me because I wouldn’t be able to move everything back when enlarging the border. If someone built their park entrance and paths at the old park border then when maxing out the park in the scenario editor you will gain additional land where the cave entrance is and can then flatten the hill, remove the cave, and move the spawn and create new ones to make the spawn right at the new border edge. I also started my own version of Kings Island but didn’t get very far. I gave up on KBF. I uploaded a blank park with a KBF entrance to the workshop. But the ticket booths are straight across not curved like yours. I wish we had even larger map sizes to spread out big parks more but they said that the editable terrain ends at the skirt and we are now at the maximum size possible. KI and KBF have nice steam train rides but they got rid of their antique car rides. CP still has antique cars and a steam train. But, they got rid of a few flume rides, but KI still has an older log flume plus rapids plus tidal wave type flume. CP just has a rapids now and a tidal wave type figure eight flume.
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