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Hey ,everybody ill will be releasing more planet coaster park walk throughs every 10th ep . in this walkthrough it will show the current state of the park ,and a couple of nice shots i hope guys enjoy it. since im currently in the knotts berry farm recreation series ,every 10th episode I make inside the build series ,there will be a video added to my new playlist ,park walkthroughs .thank you guys for watching and supporting this channel if you wanna see knotts berry farm come alive in planet coaster hit that subscribe button

I am working on a new version of KBF, using TommyT’s Calico Mine Ride park which I modded to make it bigger, and changed it to grassland and removed all the raised land at the edges. I wanted to use his mine ride but it has too many pieces and uses terrain which can’t be saved and used in a different park. So, I will build my park around his mine ride. I’m going to use coasters from the workshop (why are there several Ghostriders at different sizes and heights - there’s one with all the station scenery but a 185 ft lift hill? It is really 118 feet high) but build my own train rides and buildings, etc. There is a nice Knott’s entrance on the workshop. You used a billboard for your Knotts sign on top of the entrance building. The one on the workshop has Knotts actually modeled with art shapes.

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