[FEDERATION] [EMPIRE] [INDEPENDENT] Labirthian Federation is now recruiting! Join the Labirthain Mercenary Corps now!

We are just now starting out and are recruiting for ALL jobs within Elite, You need a place to go and we need you!
Did you wanna join for friends cool come on down talk to us, learn a few things.
Our end goal is to be a CR paid Group for hire, we take all jobs, hired guns, to working mines for people.
You pay us, we do the job.

we are a PVP, PVE group. Currently looking for Veteran players and newcomers alike.

There are many job roles that need filling, we have the Subverters the powerplay masters, get paid to help topple an empire, nothing wrong with that. Then you have the Gunners, well if you like killing NPC's and PLAYERS alike this is for you, intended to be hired for hits on players or as security and even as a soldier to fill out someones' ranks. Killing will be what they do best. These are just some of the thing we want to do and we have a place for everyone, no matter if you're a miner or a killer, or an explorer there is a spot for you here.
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