Lagoon de Ix Chèl

Tropical park situated around an old Mayan Lagoon.

The park contains 8 high profile, fairly realistic rides:

Atlaua's: A boat tour around the park
Itzamna: A RMC coaster through the dense tropical forest
Mauna Lao: A swinging minetrain coaster through the heart of an active volcano
Roots of Life: Spinning coaster carved between the roots of the giant tree of life
River of Chaac: River Rapid that takes you to the heart of the volcano
Barbarossa: Follow the legendary Captain Redbeard in this pirate themed water coaster
Barra Santiago: High speed wingcoaster, travling through a large mangrove
Kukulkan's Temple: Let our archeologists take you on their quest to find the hidden treasure in the enchanted temple.

Take a look a this video for a quick tour around the park:
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