Scenarios Lake Dumdeedumm - Welcome to the Candy Mines!

My "Sub-Zero" Park submission was not complete by the contest deadline. I've continued working on the park, laboring to make it both a park worth visiting and a scenario worth playing if you are so inclined. Chante was kind enough to comment on the POV video I made for the first coaster I built for the park (link below). The park contains three villages high in snowy mountains, bordering a lake.

First off, you'll need lots of DLC: Spooky, Adventure, Vintage, World's Fair and Magnificent Rides. You'll also need a decent rig - the scenario starts with 4200 guests. To avoid a slide-show speed frame rate I put a large lake (no scenery in the water) as the centerpiece, and several of the mountains around the lake are almost bare. Developed areas are detailed.

The rides are all "Classic". The villages - Dum, Dee, and Dumm - have unlimited money - thanks to their Candy Mines.

The scenario objectives are all about park profit. Despite having well trained employees with reasonable salaries, and logical work rosters that are properly staffed, the park is losing money. No crime has been reported around Lake Dumdeedumm.

Some players may be interested in the animation sequences for the flat rides in the park. I experimented extensively and came up with these prestige values (note: all rides are "Classic"):

Power Moves - 893
Venetian Carousel - 979
Sun Flare - 991
Insanity - 995
Grand Carousel - 1029
Ascendance - 1029
Forge - 1130

The download is available here:

Overview video:

POV of Kaleidoscope coaster:



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