Landing beacons. Detail maps.

Started the guardians debacle. I found some things missing.
A. I suggest a rename for the species : "the towers of Hanoi people".
B. The planets are too dark to see details and alas the IR/LightAmp functionality on my HUD has been out of fashion since 2143.
C. Maybe guardians love driving around for 15 kilometers before they can open their favourite book. I don't. What is sorely needed is a map. A map? Yes. The technology that makes it possible for us humans to find things. This concept was also lost since 2100. Apparently google successfully copyrighted it.
D. A landing marker. Most commanders outthere are decent people with knowledge they are a member of a large group of the species. They would gladly drop a marker on a planet so future commanders can easily find a spot to put down their vessel.
E. Electric light. Guardians then may have been gloomy miscreants with an affinity for darkness. Homo Sapiens is not. First thing I would have done at a guardian site is drop research pods with lights to illuminate the site.
F.Seriously? Drive and match security on documents of a spacefaring species? Nice for pan troglodytes... who here has towers of Hanoi as their password security system?
G. Dynamite. Guardians, through timetravel, knew the exact dimensions of our SRVs long before our species fell out of a tree and on its head. Being the devious excrementopenings that they are they develped their architecture so that an SRV just doesn't quite fit.
I want enough dynamite to level the entire site to a comfortable 6-lane highway between obelisks and altar.

Guardians, a good thing they are extinct. Not a complete surprise though.
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