Landing pads on ports hosting community goals

First of all, allow me to say that I find this game amazing and beautiful. The missions are awesome, and I have a thrill playing them. With that being said, I've noticed something that aggravates me (when it happens) considerably. When I decide to go in on community goals, I will load up my T-7 (260 T) and head to the port hosting the event; however, when I get there it seems that sometimes there are no pads large enough (L-size landing pad). My suggestion is to only allow ports that are able to accommodate all ship sizes to host CG events. I have 4,000,000 Cr. worth of Imperial slaves I must find a new home for, as I cannot transfer them to a new ship adequate enough in size. I do understand the value of checking ahead of time to see which pads and sizes are available, but this becomes hectic at times, as I will be required to check roguey or eddb if the system data is not available on the map. Over all, the research I have to do outside the game in order to see the landing pads is not intrinsic to the world of the game itself.

Thank you so much for your consideration
Outposts are easy to see on the system map, they have their own distinct icon, and outposts never have large landing pads. No need for eddb's etc.

This is really a non-issue.
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