Parks Lands of Heroes part2

Hi All, and welcome to the Lands of Heroes, Part 2. Happy to deliver new rides and a new DarkRide-coaster named PLUTON, People who can have Epilepsy crysis REALLY SHOULD NOT Ride it. Enjoy the park ^^

For Those who are wondering, This is still a version in progress, and a Final update will come in the month.
I sincerly hope You'll like it and fell free to comment anything. [big grin]

The park have been updated.
You can now, visit the new Egyptian Area, and spread your heroes wings at Horus Flight.


All right, For those who visit the park you might notice that there is two darkride, and for those who wonder how I worked for them,
here is the tip.

Near each ride, you 'll find a little "energy" box called "Ride light operator" all you have to do is find it, Click on it, edit it...

Then you can select all of the lights that I used to see in the dark areas... (27 for Magic Mountain, 90 for Pluton)
Don't select the energybox or you'll not be able to recolor the lights.

Once you did that, all you have to do is select the color you want for the inside and....

Here we are =D

For those who like to see clear ^^

Then you have.

Next time i'll show how to set the queues of the coasters to "full mode", it is not very complicated but I'm sure a little (how to) will help. ^^
Have fun. [big grin]
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