Horizons Large Barnacales and Metal Alloys

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There is a new commodity called 'Metal Alloys' in the market in stations that is worth a pretty penny (over 87,000cr/t)....according to the description, you get them from something called 'Large Barnacles" but it doesn't make it entirely clear if you find them in space or on the surface of moons but it does say that in some areas they are common. Has anyone looked around for any of these? Could be very lucrative.....

Metal Alloys 01.jpgMEtal Alloys 02.jpg
I guess its time to go exploring in earnest. That is very exciting. I'm pumped.
If these large barnacles are on moons, I'm sure someone will happen across them soon. If they are in space, it might take a bit longer, but yes, I'm pretty eager to hear news about them too
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Perhaps it would be good to look from them in areas that have the artifacts then. I've really not paid much attention to the artifact mystery other than reading the Galnet news items about them as the appear
I currently have a mission that would pay almost half a million credits for bringing one of those meta-alloys (not metal-alloys). I've explored dozens of planets and moons looking for one of those things, but no luck. In the meantime my Materials storage is almost full and I can refuel my SRV 30 times over (so much for the fuel concerns...). :D

Not really worth the time invested at this point, especially since the mission expires in 5 days and change.
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