PvP Large ship PvP: what makes a loadout good for PvP (compared to being good for PvE)? What about large-ship tactics?

I've never built a large combat ship, and I'd rather build it for PvP: I already have plenty of practice killing AI.

What makes a weapon loadout good for a large-ship, when it isn't as agile as a medium ship (but has more/bigger guns)? How would a PvP build be different than a PvE build?

And lastly, what tactics does one need when piloting a large ship, when a lot other ships one might duel are a lot faster and more maneuverable?
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Well, this a hard question to truly answer as there are 3 different branching theories and I sit in the higher skilled minority, camp.
But, generally I'd say pick a big first.
All bigs inherently are the culmination of their ship tiers, so they will all borrow elements and exacerbate the weaknesses of their smaller sister craft.

The Vette is a fat Gunship with FAS pitch and FDS drift.
(She still keeps the OP vertical thrusters and acceleration + deceleration of her smaller sister, the FGS, but trades off the lateral and yaw that makes the FGS more agile than the FDL.)

The Cutter is a overblown hunk of trader junk, that has strong shields, but is the least agile of all 3 big ships.
You don't have much going for you as she puts all her strength into forward boost momentum and comes out with turn and boost lag, a massive turning circle, and very unresponsive thrusters.

"How to Cutter: Throw that Shiz in Reverse"
-Farsight Enclaves mocking Cutter pilots who die to our builds and pilots in 4 minutes.

The Conda is the culmination of DeLacey's attempts to make Combat ships.
But, she basically is a fat Python that actually Pythons.
(In comparison a Python can barely combat inside her tier.)

So, once you have chosen your big, then I'd guess it comes down to the style of play you fancy:
Cutters favor gimbal and turret weaponry while operating in large packs with massive shields. There's not much to her as she's pretty braindead, just don't let people with plasma stay on top of you too much as you'll get melted by absolute weaponry, despite your massive shield.

Corvettes are Time on Target monsters. They excel in hit and run, range control, and high alpha burst of damage in primarily fixed configurations.
There are two methods of PvP Vettes, the Farsight Vettes which are armor tank hybrids, and the "META" vettes which are prismatic, premium ammo turret builds.

Either or is viable, but in well...different ways.
META vettes make good support gankers, and Farsight Vettes make good frontline attack ships that can handle 4 or 5 targets at once.

Condas are a bit of a mixed bag, since, generally high shield sustain builds get out shot by both the Vette and the Cutter, and alpha builds require just as much skill to run as the Alpha Farsight Vette configurations.

I'd say before you can go much of anywhere, you must first identify what you are capable of and think you can handle.
Then, make changes / builds / templates according to what you are confident you can handle.
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For PvE you can run non-combat modules like limpet controllers and scanners. Vehicle bays, and all that. Your ship can be just 'okay' and be fine.

For dedicated PvP combat, you're going to want to put everything in defenses.

I feel it's important to mention that the the Core internals from the Anaconda will swap right into the Corvette, so if you wish to get a feel for both, or just start with the Anaconda and move on later, that's an option.
Vette has better shields with the same generator, and can equip bigger banks.

The extra armor the Conda is only a minor advantage.

Even assuming competent builds, and equally skilled pilots, the Vettes gonna win in a PvP encounter via tanking alone.

4500mj on a Conda = ~6000mj on the Vette, With the same generator. That’s before two size 7 shield banks(vs the condas size 6s) and maybe a 6.

Back to the T10... total PvE contender, man.
The Corvette does move a little better, but with maxed out drives, the Anaconda handles great anyway, and the difference isn’t really enough for me to care.

While the Anaconda has a slight advantage in the damage department, it simply isn’t enough to make a difference.

The real strength of the Corvette comes in its ability to tank. So the armor might be a little lower than the Anaconda, but the Corvette’s shielding is much stronger. A size 6 shield generator on a Vette might just be stronger than a 7 generator on an Anaconda. If not, nearly as strong.

That’s before you take into account the Corvette’s three size 7 slots.

You can PvP in an Anaconda, but you’ll be at a disadvantage against properly built Corvettes.

For PVE purposes, any of the larges are plenty.

I prefer the Anaconda myself, and don’t even own a Corvette right now, but I can’t deny the facts.
A big ship in PvP is an area denial vessel, build it with that in mind.

That means tank and then tank it some more, make sure you have reliale dps but don't overinvest in your weaponry as if you are in a wing you will be leaving the majority of the dps dealing to faster, more agile ships. That being said if you're going it alone better bring a loadout that is fairly multifunctional but make sure it leaves you enough room to Pip effectively
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