Large Ships, Ship-Launched Fighters and Network Bandwidth

I was having a good PvP time when I noticed the other player's ship was "rubber banding" alot. We both had Corvettes and SLFs, and there were others nearby with their own ships and fighters, plus we were still in the Jameson Memorial instance. I've got a pretty good and stable internet connection but even so this was subpar. The next fight we did was in medium ships, same location, and there still some rubber banding but not as much as before.

Here's his view, fight starts at 00:50

Here's my view, fight starts at 00:41
Whenever I get a crew inside my Cutter, extreme rubber banding occurs, especially with another CMDR flying around + the crew.

This has been going on for as long as multi crew existed for me. It got really bad for me last night when at a Haz res. There was an NPC eagle taking no damage for around 30 seconds due to the lag.

I have really bad internet at my house. Supbar. But the rubber banding occurs regardless if I am at home, or visiting someone with fast internet.

I think what is happening is one player lives too far away. I live in USA but primarily play with Europeans.

I usually have the Bandwidth meter in game (CTRL + B) and I often see large spikes, but the lag occurs when little network activity is happening.
I've never seen a case where network bandwidth was an issue with really doesn't need much and anyone on broadband, even by the FCC's outmoded definition, should have plenty.

However too much CPU load on the part of the instance host can destroy almost anyone's experience...I once made the mistake of transcoding a video while I was still playing and seemingly one of the main hosts (six figure send bandwidth) of a heavily populated RES; crapped up the game for a lot of people, until enough of them had reinstanced.
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