Large Stars show as black at far distances

Strange issue that I'm not certain the cause of. See the screenshot attached to see exactly what I mean. I went to visit Betelgeuse and ran into this issue, and am now seeing it with VY Canis Majoris.
At 100Kls +/-, the solar body shows as a black sphere. no light at all. But if i look at either the left or right panel, the star appears as it should. Any ideas?
I have renamed my GPUWorkTable.xml file, Uninstalled ReShade, and even reset the GraphicsConfiguration/xml file back to default.


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Have you updated drivers and the like?
That's looks like the illumination is just cutting off at a certain range defined by a cube around the view port.

Depending on graphics drivers and setting, you may need to delete saved shader cache files in addition to the game's GPUWorkTable.

For NVIDIA these are usually located in "ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\NV_Cache\"'ll want to delete the entire contents of this folder as well as GPUWorkTable.xml in main game directory to let the shaders be recompiled from scratch.

AMD should let you clear the shader cache from the driver control panel.
Thanks for the replies. I am updating the NVidia drivers as there is a new update, I've cleared out the NV_Cache, and I've removed the GPUWorksTable again as well. I don't have time tonight, but I'll try another night to get back out there and see if these work or if I still have the issue. Can't say I've ever really paid attention to how the solar body looks at a distance until now. I'll report back once I can test!
So I tried everything mentioned above and then jumped out to Betelgeuse. Same issue. I did check a few stars on my way, but they were 'normal' sized stars and I never saw an issue. Not really sure at this point what is causing it. Maybe I will open a ticket with Frontier, cause I'd really rather not uninstall and reinstall the game, which is in my mind my next option.
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