Last chance fuel scoop icon/display.

I've just begun doing exploration using a Dolphin (for passenger missions as well) and I have noticed that when I enter my galaxy map it will tell me "last chance to fuel scoop" on my plotted route. I find it helpful, but not helpful enough, since I am running with a 3c fuel tank (8T) trying to maximize my jump range as much as possible, and obviously a 4A FSD (which uses 3T of fuel at max jump range). After some messing around on a website for modding ships I am going to switch back to it's 4C fuel tank (16T) to get more jumps without having to fuel scoop every other system, which im currently doing.
Basically what I am asking for is having a "last chance to fuel scoop" Icon right next to the "plotted route" Icon in the Navigation HUD under Destination. I feel like it would help players out (such as my self) when jumping systems while either having Non-sequence and white dwarf stars selected under the star class panel, or your route taking you to a T class star or what ever star system it chose to take you that you cant fuel scoop from and was not selected under the star class panel (which happen to me today and I'm guessing it did that because there were not any main sequence stars nearby to jump to for my plotted route).
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