Last pictures of Archambault Terminal

Well, hopefully not.

But with a crazy group of cultists who are in possession of a portable nuclear warhead taking over the station, who knows.
I figured I would fly over there and take some pictures before the station goes up in smoke.

In spite of the situation, there is quite some traffic in the area and they even let me dock inside the station. Many services were closed and while the station is under the Children of Totho's control, they were not prepared to talk to me.

Well, I did not spend much time hanging around inside the terminal. I have no interest in becoming just another human sacrifice. But perhaps there are some pilots who have gained their trust when they delivered goods to them in December. Perhaps they would be able to talk sense to them, or take that Lucifer Device out of their hands.
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Barnes Market is a trading colony on the second planet of Chun Tstar. It is quite an impressive imperial city with a busy market, long boulevards and tall skyscapers.

This evening I am sitting in my SRV on the grand plaza, a glass of pearl whisky in my hand, listening to the melancolic music of A Great Big World. Looking into the sky I can just about make out Archambault Terminal orbiting the planet.

My thoughts go out to the people there and to the pilots braver than me, who have decided to remain inside the station. As no one yet seems to have found a way to save them, I am wondering how long it will take until I see the explosion. At this distace it must be a spectacular sight.

Suddenly another thought comes to my mind. The Children of Tothos are in the station for sure. But what if the Lucifer Device is not with them? Perhaps Barnabas Cole is looking down on this city just as I am looking up at him. And perhaps he is not planning a self-sacrifice at all? Perhaps it is just a "normal" human sacrifice of the old school and the cultists are watching from the safe distane of the orbit as their nuclear bomb tears this city apart.

My melancolic mood gives way to a feeling of rising concern. Ok, here is the plan: back to the hotel, check out and pay, I go camping on the other side of the planet this night.
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Senior Agent Rochelle Karim is completely false. The sacred illumination of the Archambault Terminal has been accurately deduced, and scientifically foretold, since ancient times of the Worm Moon, by the Wheels of Llull.

There can be no error in blessed combinatoria. The time of radiant enlightment will soon be upon us. Come to the heart chamber, the bright morning star awaits. Look upon the luminary shooting rayes of providence, in glory.

Nullum sine venia placuisse eloquium
Interesting. Thanks for sharing this document with us, Hanerib.

But how likely is it, that the Federation and it's agencies are unaware of a cult that has been in existance for many hundred years?
Well, considering the fact that Zlota Federal Holdings have been able to build a whole nuclear research outpost without the agency learning of it, that is actually very likely.

Can you derive any information from your chart or other knowledge you have about when exactly the coming of the light will occur?
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Interesting. Thanks for sharing this document with us, Hanerib.

But how likely is it, that the Federation and it's agencies are unaware of a cult that has been in existance for many hundred years?
Well, considering the fact that Zlota Federal Holdings have been able to build a whole nuclear research outpost without the agency learning of it, that is actually very likely.

Can you derive and information from your chart about when exactly the coming of the light will occur?
In the recent galnet article the federal times reported that it was possibly a recently formed cult and the feds are trying to negotiate with them.
A letter is delivered to your communications panel. You spin to see the courier, only catching a glimpse of vanishing livery. Damp paper smells like mushrooms.

To Whom It May Concern​

The Eschaton, the great illuminating revelation, and the end of this world as we know it, will likely happen on Thursday.

Come to the Archambault Terminal. Find your true purpose in the radiant light of Tothos. A neophyte or a marshal, a freebooting pirate or a rock hermit, it doesn't make a difference in the electromagnetic spectrum. A bright future awaits us all.
Hey CMDRs, this is tangential. Is there any thread on the forums about the Tothos thing? I haven't seen a thread about the fact that finally this thread has a place related to it other than Archambault. Etain 4c has an actual POI called The Prophet. I went in a ship without an SRV and couldn't land at the station. Looks like an outpost with mats on the ground, kind of like Dav's but shrouded in fog.
Thanks for arranging the message to be sent, Harineb. Thursday then - I notice that the message does not say which week, but at the minimum there will be a few more days before the great explosion.

A few days ago I left Barnes Market and stayed at one of the other three settlements on the planet that Archambault Terminal is orbiting: Bischoff Holding. That is a strange place. Heavily guarded by drones and with a restricted area in the centre. As I drove through it in my SRV, I suddenly recieved a message with the "mission critial" tag.

That surprised me, since I did not have any open missions ongoing. I accepted the new mission which eventually sent me to rescue 2 hostages from a slave trader. Not all too difficult, I was able to free them with hatchbreakers and did not fire a single shot.

When I returned to Bischoff Holding a few days later, I took a closer look at the settlement. There was now a Federal spaceship hovering over the landing pad of that settlement.

Also, the settlement has several structures to connect with a datalink scanner. Hovever, the connection points move up on sliders and out of reach of my SRV, as soon as I move near them. So far I have not been able to connect to them.

The gate to the restricted area is blocked by an energy field that I have not been able to pass.

This is all very strange and I don't know what to do with it at this point. It may not be connected with the Children of Tothos at all. But who knows. Maybe another explorer has more luck with unraveling this mystery than I have.
And so it begins...

Hanerib, you were right with your prediction of Thursday. Only that the station has not been blown up yet. But the sacrifices have begun.
I flew there to check out the station. It is dead quiet. I can even speed up to 200 mps close to the station without getting a warning signal.

Docked there and checked the services. But it is all empty. And since I am a fairly new pilot, I dont have any crew members which I could sacrifice to the the cult (not that I would, this was just a thought, honest). So I am not getting any closer to the core.

One thing happened though.
When I explored the system further, suddenly my sensors came up with a "mission objective detected" message. The signal source was around the third sun, not far from where the capital ship is docked. It turned out to be wreckage site with jettisoned stuff. I found the black-box and was abele to read it out. There was a "eliminate religeous leader" mission recorded on it.

Did the wrecked ship belong to a failed agent? And was the leader he wanted to eliminate Barnabas Cole? Or one of his preachers?

I wanted to follow the new mission, but then RL interference forced me to dock at the nearest station where I will be grounded for the next couple of days. But perhaps there are more such sites in the Chun Tstar system.
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Thanks, Mr.Ius, I will try it out next time I land on that planet.
Although, someone had mentioned that a bomb of 300 megatons could be strong enough to destroy all 3 settlements on that planet along with the orbiting station. So who knows if I will be able to visit them again.
@Nigel_Loring :
Hello, you should be able to boost over the gate to the restricted area. Drive back a few meters, 4 pips to engines(also why are they called pips?),and then throttle forward while in the air. I would come and do this myself, because it seems cool.However, I am in the Pleaides at the minute being broke and exploring the area around me before I head out to the witch head nebula, and then out to Colonia.
This is from today's GalNet article:

"As Cole prepared to activate the Lucifer Device he was shot dead by one of his followers..."

For a brief moment, I thought it was you, @Hanerib.

But the article continues to say:
".... who subsequently revealed herself as Senior Agent Rochelle Karim. Other Federal Intelligence Agency operatives moved to arrest Cole’s acolytes and secure the control deck.”
Now that it is all over and the cult of Tothos has been dissolved I visited Archambault Terminal again.

The station still needs to be cleaned up a bit but it is fully functional again.
The workers assure me that the red stains of the floor are nothing but old paint. I hope it is true....

In any case, Hanerib, I am glad you came out of it unharmed and are back to mining. Like the many other innocent bystanders now going back to their normal business.

But for some reason I can't help the feeling that there are some pilots out there, who want to see this terminal go up in flames still.
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