Late to the party and don't know how to build roofs

Hey there,

I bought Planco when it came out but actually never played it, because the building system intimidates me that much. Seeing all your awesome stuff, which I call "planco art" makes it even worse. However, I'm a Zoo person and with Planet Zoo comming up I NEED to learn to build finally to do the things I have in mind.
I tried to start with some very very easy buildings in planco - and failed. When I make a building a bit wider, I can't seem to get a fitting roof on it, except flat roofs. Is there a way to make the roof tiles in planco bigger to make them fit? Or is there a tutorial (on youtube or whatever) where I can learn how to do custom roofs on buildings that aren't working right away with the roof choices we have?

I'm german by the way, so tutorials in english and german would both be fine.
did you check the thread directly above yours called "Collection of Tutorials"?

Building Structures:
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Building Roofs & Domes:
(Link) Bullethead - Roof Trusses
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Welcome to Planco! Roof building can be tricky and not every roof set has consistent pieces. I tend to use the 2m angle pieces. If the building is even width, they join and you can add details like overhanging sections or trims. If it's odd, either a single angled roof piece to fill the middle or a flat piece. If building without roof corners, most wall sets have the triangles needed to fill in the gaps.
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