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Imagin if they slot that in between the 3080 and the 3090. That would be the same outrage as it beating the 3090.. Nvidia where is your Titan?

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Second article suggesting a 3080Ti is on its way - different price ($999 rather than $899):

Price makes sense; they need a more direct 6900XT competitor.

I still can't justify a 40% price premium for a ~10% performance increase over the 3080, not without a very specific and compelling use case where the memory will actually make a difference.

However, I do wonder what the ROP count will be, as NVIDIA has decoupled the ROPs from the memory controllers...they could conceivably keep that 320-bit bus while increasing the ROP count from 96 to 112 to match the 3090. Doubt they'd do this though, as the 3090 wouldn't have much of a niche. An intermediate count of 104 (they can been enabled or disabled in groups of eight) could be the case.

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As previously mentioned in this thread the feature enabling AMD's SAM has been part of the PCI-E spec and WDDM for years. There just hasn't been a whole lot of interest in it at the consumer level until recently. Hopefully NVIDIA not wanting to be left behind prompts everyone to open up support, from the firmware through the driver level, for as much hardware as possible.
Quite. As I understand it, it hasn't always been possible in Windows - and may require BIOS / firmware mods too.

(Availability) of these cards will be a hot topic when they release. So technically they are being released on the 18th (that’s when you are going to see our review) […] but I’m not really expecting you to buy one. I have spoken with quite a few retailers and stock seems pretty terrible, like RTX 3080 terrible. It will differ from region to region (I have only spoken to Australian retailers). […]

The actual proper custom AIB cards that most of you are probably going to be interested in, they won’t be releasing for another week. So 25th they become available. Probably again in limited numbers. It won’t be until a few weeks before start seeing strong availability."

What a joke. In the meantime, the Reverb G2 I pre-paid early July is nowhere in sight. Was there any (tech) launch this year that went well? Apple perhaps?
Haven't seen any of the RX 6800/XT parts actually listed as in stock yet, though I was almost able to add one to my cart on AMD's own store page, then they went straight to out of stock.

Not expecting it to be easy to get one for a while, so I'll just check 6800XT and 3080 stock when I can and grab whatever non-trash model shows up first.
Word on the street re 6800 models from AMD is that they backloaded their chips to the AIB's hence there are few reference cards today for launch but likely to be a lot more partner cards coming out over the next month or so. However I still doubt it will meet demand due to the absence of NVIDIA cards which would normally take the majority of the addressable market.

Interesting seeing performance figures. AMD is essentially better at 1080, 1440p, and for Linux users across the board, with NVIDIA being better at 4k gaming and also Ray Tracing enabled titles.
Power is slightly better than NVidia but not to any large amount, and when the partner cards come out they are likely to be just as power hungry as NVIDIA cards.
SAM is a mixed package, it helps on some games and hinders on others.

The important thing is AMD are back at the top table and will force NVIDIA to stay honest with their pricing. Something they didnt do with the 2000 series.
The better AMD performance at 1080p and 1440p augers well for when AMD launch their more mainstream and affordable cards.

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Thought that I managed to order a 6800XT on Wednesday only to be told three hours later that the site had over-sold and my order was cancelled. For better or worse, I jumped on a 6800 on Thursday morning - and it arrived this afternoon. It's likely going to be enough for my needs (no VR, 2x monitors (4K @ 60Hz) as it's still a significant upgrade from a 5700XT.
Thought that I managed to order a 6800XT on Wednesday only to be told three hours later that the site had over-sold and my order was cancelled. For better or worse, I jumped on a 6800 on Thursday morning - and it arrived this afternoon. It's likely going to be enough for my needs (no VR, 2x monitors (4K @ 60Hz) as it's still a significant upgrade from a 5700XT.
If you get the opportunity, could you run some benchmarks at stock and with the memory significantly underclocked in something at 4k?

I'm trying to get an idea if it's more of a memory bandwidth, or a shader performance, limitation that is resulting in lesser scaling that equivalent NVIDIA parts. Will be a bit harder to isolate with the 6800 as it has the same memory bus width and clocks as the higher-end parts, making it that much less likely to be it's bottleneck, but seeing what sort of scaling it gets could still be informative.

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I have Heaven, Valley, Superposition, WoT enCore, Forza Horizon 4 and Neon Noir. I'm going to test them on the 5700XT at stock settings then install the 6800 and test again, then again at a memory underclock (if I can work out how).

Couldn't find a way to reduce the memory clock - however I could increase it to 2,138MHz (stock is 2,000MHz).

Neon Noir; 4K, RT Ultra: stock: 3,769; +138MHz: 3,808
WoT enCore: 4K, Ultra: stock: 16,933; +138MHz: 17,052
Superposition: 4K Optimised: stock: 11,611; +138MHz: 11,680
Forza Horizon 4: 4K Ultra Adaptive: stock: 125 FPS; +138MHz: 126FPS

Heaven and Valley would not let me set the resolution to 4K so ran them at 2560x1440:
Heaven; 2560x1440; AAx8 Ambient Occlusion, Volumetric Shadows, Refraction: stock: 3,154; +138MHz: 3,170
Valley: 2560x1440, AAx8, Ambient Occlusion, Volumetric Shadows, Motion Blur: stock: 5,154; +138MHz: 5,216
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Yeah, wasn't much expecting the small increase in memory clock these parts are capable of to produce a significant difference.

May have to see if it's possible for soft powerplay tables to reduce the memory clock range.

There is an example of the settings in the MorePowerTool in Igor's tuning review of the 6800:


Also looks like Igor was able to flash 6800XT firmware over his 6800 which increases the power limits (but, as expected, does not unlock any functional units).

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Third party 6800XTs launched today. Mark up over AMD's reference card is significant, with most of the AIB cards being 800 dollars. The improvement over the reference models is also trivial...AMD did a really good job with the reference design and only the complete lack of stock would be any incentive to get most of these AIB parts.

Better VRM is mostly meaningless and the increase power limit on some of them amounts to only a few percent more performance. Navi21 doesn't really scale any better, proportionally than GA102 does at the high-end.

Coolers all seem pretty solid, but the reference cooler is so good that it's still usually a wash.

The only AIB 6800XT that is at all appealing to me is the Sapphire Nitro+ (non-SE) as it's the least expensive one I've seen at 'only' 120 dollars more than the reference card and is the only one I've see so far that has a cooler that might have some more utility...mainly because it's got an entirely separate VRM+GDDR6 heatsink that could be left in place if I were to watercool the GPU itself with a cheap block or AIO.

Feels almost like a bait and switch with the reference cards as AMD was supposed to save most of the volume for the AIBs who are now releasing very over priced products.

Might have to look at the AIB 3080s again, which might be easier to get, and cheaper, in practice.
i get the impression the AMD AIB's know that with the shortages of all types of GPU's, combined with unprecedented demand they can make hay while the sun shines so to speak. Prices are going up for even end of life or close to end of life parts at present.

It was interesting seeing the hardware unboxed review in which they pointed out the heatsink on the NItro+ was considerably lighter than those on the Vega cards. That should mean reduced cost to manufacture for that particular part of the card.
I wonder if the current shortages are sort of permanent, i.e. whether the 'unprecedented' demand retreats or future releases such as 3080ti will be also unavailable for months.

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In terms of AMD products, the APUs for the next gen consoles, Zen3 CPUs and RDNA2 GPUs all compete for manufacturing space within AMD's allotment of wafers per unit time at TSMC - hence the short supply.
Just looked on Scan and Overclockers .... No Black Friday GPU offers .... It would think the lack of stock of the latest generation of cards from both teams has caused that.
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