a new sauropod was discovered in Argentina not fully uncovered but it is believed to be much bigger then the current largest dinosaur holder Argentinosaurus, Patagotitan recently was discovered to be much smaller than Argentinosaurus so it lost its chance of beating Argentinosaurus of being the biggest animal on Earth but this new finding maybe even a new species of Titanosaurus that's even larger than Argentinosaurus, patagotitan or dreadnoughtus

heres the link to the Smithsonian in order to check on the details of the new finding in Argentina. I love the age of dinosaur discovery worrying and I hope new species get discovered which most likely will happen.


Link here.

Feb. 3, 2021
Here's the latest news of the same sauropod and of course they discovered that this sauropod is probably 10 to 20% bigger than the largest sauropod known Argentinosaurus.


just weeks ago they discovered a new species of compsognathid Dinosaur, and the most Bizzare found, Jubatus is the official name of this New Compsognathid dinosaur. Video here

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more paleontology news of the ancestry of parasaurolophus and this dinosaur is a rare species from New Mexico and it dates back to 75 million years and may have encountered Tyrannosaurs like Teratophoneus, or lythronax, it's an interesting article of the evolution of the Parasaurolophus head crest.


Here's the link to the article I really love this one.....
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Spinosaurus New information Check this article out. Spinosaurus Hunted for fish just like any other spinosaurid And even swam When it was not hunting. And it's interesting To see A dinosaur like Spinosaurus is accurate in Jurassic world Evolution when it comes to behavior But it's amazing to see how this dinosaur functions like a stork Or a heron.

link here...
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Mary Annings The Very First Female paleontologist in history and also known as the Princess of paleontology.

Here's a link to learn more about her
There is a statue for her that got funding recently, so that's likely on the horizon.
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