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Lave Radio Episode 298: Pew Pew with Arf and Bru Bru! is now available for download!!!
Frontier CM's Arf and Bruce join us for some CQC fun in the run up to Lavecon 2020!

Cmdr Eid LeWeise
Lave Radio Episode 299: Lavecon 2020 Old School Edition
@Allen Stroud , @JohnStabler and Chris Jarvis blow the dust off of their microphones, to remember days gone by, back when all this were empty space and Fleet Carriers weren't even a twinkle in the community's eye

Cmdr Eid LeWeise

So the main youtube/twitch/twitter reaction to the Odyssey trailer was something like ...


Meanwhile, the Old School reaction?



Seriously tho ... loving this podcast! Hearing these old familiar voices reminds me of Lavecon more than anything else I've heard from last weekend.

Gee I've missed these guys!
For the sake of clarity (and total denial of all legal responsibility) I'd like to point out that neither I nor the Buckyball Racing Club have anything whatsoever to do with Speedbowl. That madness is entirely down to Cmdr @PrimetimeCasual! Flying towards a high-G planet at speeds in excess of 10km/s is an EXTREMELY dangerous thing to do and is highly likely to result in DEATH.
Lave Radio Episode 308: The Waffle Man is now available for download!!!
The Crew gather to stream to all the places as we speculate on what we'd like to see gameplay wise as we run around Station Interiors

We're also still running a poll to get your opinion on our live streaming options.

Cmdr Eid LeWeise

Lave Radio Episode 309: British Pipes are Smaller than Advertised is now available for download!!!
The Orange Sidewinder Crew gets taken over by over enthusiastic pipe engineers as we try to talk about the recent, brief Community Goal

Cmdr Eid LeWeise

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