ANNOUNCEMENT Lavecon 2019 Content Reveal

...another 2 updates with nothing of interest to me.

maybe then we can have coloniscopies legs and base building. maybe add some standing in line for hours at the registry office and filling out virtual paperwork for "realism"

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While I appreciate a way to earn skins in-game, I am not so fond about buying virtual currency for store purchases.

Usually, the currency packages and the individual cosmetics transactions don't fit, leading to buying extra money for a larger currency package and having leftover currency after the cosmetics transaction. <=This might not be a problem for regular store customers, but will take extra money out of any single time customers.
It is indeed but they've been silent for months, made the lavecon livestream super sekret so they could tell us about a cash shop?

I accept the updates are small but why all the secrecy?
Don't just look at the pictures but read the post too.

Allow commanders to earn customisation items through gameplay
As part of the update to the livery system and the introduction of Arx, commanders will be able to acquire cosmetic items by simply playing the game! We won't ask commanders to change how they play, simply being an active player and engaging with the game is all that's required. A number of Arx can be earned each week and will be instantly added to a player's Arx balance and can be spent there and then, or saved for later. We'll have more details on how these can be earned in-game and the amount you can earn, closer to the release of the September Update.


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It is indeed but they've been silent for months...
That is not really news or a surprise I think. FDEV is usually silent until a few months prior to launch new updates. Horizons was announced a few months before realease, Beyond was announced a few months before the first release, the 2019 roadmap was also announced a few months before first release, etc. And the same usually applies to individual updates like this one is.
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First impressions:
  1. Beginner stuff: not aimed at me, but we knew that would be the focus.
  2. Carriers confirmed for 2019. Had hoped so, but still nice to hear it.
  3. Improvements to paint quality: nice.
  4. Being able to earn cosmetics in-game, and buy single items: nice.
I dont expect much till end of 2020, but some fun stuff is always welcome.
"We'll let the video below do the talking" - not a lot of talking there :D
Time to wait until we get more info then, especially on the December update. I hope fleet carriers won't be all that we're getting then.
There you go. Watch the original post!!! 5 % content, 95 % new ways of milking the customers. I start to develop a strong feeling against FD.
Dude, reading comprehension issues? The changes are that you can now earn them in-game, and that you can buy the single items instead of having to buy packs. It is quite literally the opposite of 'milking the customers'.

Dear lord...
Awesome news! Looking forward for all that stuff!
One question though: Those Arx points won't come in packages right?!? I'll be able to purchase exactly the amount I need for a cosmetic, and not like there's a paintjob that costs 400 Arx but there are only packages of 300 Arx available, right?!?

And of course stuff won't be more expensive?

EDIT: Okay, it's three questions.
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