ANNOUNCEMENT Lavecon 2019 Content Reveal

From what I gather FD were specifically about Explorers being out in the black being unable to change their ship skins due to lack of stations. What is ironic is that most of that demographic are proud of the fact that their ships have no paint left...
When you change the paint job the wear remains the same, it is only in Advanced Maintenance that you can fix it. Unfortunately you can’t do a partial wear repair on the paint.
Sounds horrible.
It is, very...
In STO they have:
  • Energy Credits (the basic currency)
  • Refined Dilithium (Can be mined and refined, or bought with real money) - used for fighters among other things
  • GPL/Latinum (mostly useless... a pair of sunglasses would set you back a few 1000 bars)
  • Fleet Credits (For buying advanced stuff from fleets/guilds, usually also needs dilithium)
  • 13 different kinds of reputation marks - for specialist stuff
  • Lobi Crystals (for mostly cosmetic stuff, but also needed to avoid other people's spam animations), found in gamble-boxes
  • LOL-Nuts (er Lohlunat Favours) - used for buying stuff on Risa during the summer event... gained from participation in said event.
  • AND Zen - basically cash shop credit. worth approximately US 1c, and can be exchanged for several of the others.

It's absolutely wild, and very terrible... Also confusing, and I've probably missed a few.
Cash shop is definitely a thing that needed dev time the most.... who would have guessed lol

other than that no surprises because this time they actually told us the truth, no updates till 2020 and than probably something

In other words FD proudly continues their walk along the mediocrity path
Despite the fact that it was promised for the end of last year, and will probably not arrive until the end of next year, making it 2 years overdue...
No. It's not appearing in the game as was shown but the technology is being used in the 2020 Update. I consider that particular bit cancelled.
I was hoping for some new good useful stuff.
Also still waiting for the Panther Clipper, Guardian engineers/shields/thrusters/frameshift/ships/gimballed weapons/etc. ..... hmmm...... seems to be i have to wait 1-2 years more. :cautious:

Stephen Benedetti

Community Manager
Hey Commanders,

Thank you for all of your feedback and questions.

Here is some information we can provide at this current time. We will have more information about the content of the September Update in the near future, closer to its launch.

I have 20 weeks of playtime. Will that get me anything or do we have to earn them as we play AFTER the update
With the introduction of Arx we will not be retroactively awarding players with Arx for any playtime prior to the September Update.

Will the current front store option remain? buy direct, no ARX points?
On the Frontier Store, you will need to purchase Arx packs before being able to use them to purchase any Game Extras/Cosmetics. You will not be able to use real-world currency to purchase Game Extras.

A minor hope is that with the release of the in-game shop (IGS?) you guys will also be adding a whole bunch of new kits, skins, bobbles and the like.
We will continue to release Game Extras as per usual.

The only question is: Can we destroy the fleet carriers?
Have we got any confirmation the carrier will be squadron based yet?
there is a lot of ambiguity over how fleet carriers might operate and be used (mobile super weapons? Mass transit? Customisable headquarters? Etc).
If the fleet carrier is going to be a respawn point, how is the rebuy screen going to be handled? Will the carrier magically be capable of spontaneously reproducing you ship at standard galactic rates or will resources have to be present for carrier to reproduce them prior? Can I have my fleet carrier allied with LYR to give everyone a discount as if I was a normal station?
If I'm hearing things right then the FCs engines are based on capital ship tech and will need enough materials to enable a jump. Grind before you go?

Looking at the snippet video released I counted 8 Large landing pads on the Carrier shown. Maybe more on another side but it does beg the question of how FCs will affect Wing dynamics. Will we still be limited to 4 ships in a wing or will all 8(+?) ships from the Carrier be able to form an actual fleet and act in unison?

Will individual CMDRs have to fork out all the costs for buying and upgrading a Carrier or can the costs be shared amongst a Fleet? How would you share the proceeds if a Carrier is sold?
We don't have any details to announce about Fleet Carriers right now but stay tuned on all our official channels for more information in the future.
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