ANNOUNCEMENT Lavecon 2019 Content Reveal

I think we read too much into cosmetics, really don't know what all the fuss is about. To me they mean just an enhanced way of donation: if I want to support the game, I'll donate a small sum and get a paintjob in return. That it's actually wrapped in a 'deal' is just a formality but pretty much means the same to me... and: nobody and nothing is forcing you to buy cosmetics, they are good for exactly nothing but happy shiny blinky! 🤩
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I'm sure Elite is only being kept going because it's a 'Here, we developed this thing'. I think they make more money bringing out new sims like Jurassic Park and Zoo and roller coaster world.
My money is on 'Game Reserve World' next or 'Ocean Word' or 'Some Sim World'. All they have to do is bring out something new every two years to get the cash in. Elite Dangerous does not make a lot of money. Aquarium Sim would probably make a tonne of cash as it can be used as a screen saver. I think that is where Frontier are at right now. I think Arx currency will eventually be used to pay for game server time. It'll be free to play for those who put the hours in. The rest will have to buy Arx they don't have to rent the game time with real currency. Pay to pay rather than pay to win.
The only thing we space sim pilots have to look forward to is Star Citizen and that leaves a sour taste. One sim that will never reach release and one sim that reached final version on the day it was launched. What irony.
New content, fleet carriers, arx... this all might be nice to some players, but what the game really needs, right now, is bugfixing.
The DSS bug is a terrible thing for explorers and I am waiting since April for a bugfix. No announcement of patches on the way to change that.
If you look into the issue tracker bug reporting system you see a lot of more bugs which should be fixed.
The terrible thing is you have to vote for bugs beeing fixed ... sometimes. So I vote for bugs need to be fixed and wait week for week.

Some are cosmetical but there are others impacting gameplay.

Explorers please vote for:
There are a lot of similiar issues which describe the same problem.
Lets see if we can bring this patch to live.

Thanks to all commanders


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Discovery Scanner Special with Dav Stott - Lavecon Special!

Dav, Lead Server Developer, started the presentation by hosting his very own episode of Discovery Scanner, detailing some of the work made when we introduced Background Simulation faction changes in Beyond - Chapter Four. Rest assured, if you weren't able to attend, we'll be bringing back the episode in a future livestream!
Hi Paige. Is there any ETA for that Livestream? Extremely interested in it! :)
Is there already a specific date for the September update? Some of my friends are quite new to the game and eventually want to give it another try with the upcoming update. Would be good to be able to plan a bit, when we can jump in together.
The info says that carriers will have repair/rearm, but doesn't mention shipyard for ship-swapping facilities.
we'll be able to store our own ships on our own fleet carriers and switch between them on board, right? right?
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