Leaving Frontier, A New Adventure, and the Best Community Ever

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Well hells bells...

Bad news for us, great news for the folks at your next gig. :D

Hope we'll still see you out and about in the black, Commander!

We could fill this place up with salutes, and it still wouldn't be nearly enough to show our gratitude. This one will have to do. Good luck and don't be a stranger.

Hello everyone,

It’s with my head held high, and a heart absolutely crammed full of love, that I have to tell you that January will be my last month at Frontier Developments.
Hey Ed,

That's sad news indeed (for us) but wishing you all the best in the future. Thank you for all of your hard work over the last few years and your engagement with the Community. Was excellent meeting you at LaveCon and FX! Your energy and enthusiam both online and IRL are awesome to behold. Whoever you'll be joining will certainly be enriching their Community with your talent and shenanigans.

Fly safe, and may you never scrape the bottom of your biccy tin!

- Micha.

Cmdr Myshka
Ed, you don't know me and I don't know you (Only through Elite Dangerous), but i will miss your streams, your chat, your Bisquit reviews and yes even the Birthmark!!

Have fun in whatever you are heading towards, and may your future be as happy as the last four years have been.

Having heard the sad news that Ed Lewis is leaving Frontier for pastures new (Good luck Ed), I was hoping to engage the support of the community and Frontier to produce or arrange a leaving live stream for him. I would hope that the team at Frontier are perhaps considering something but it would be great as a last hurrah for Ed and an opportunity for people that may not know to wish all the best. I'm sure that someone could put together a good gag reel to accompany this. Hopefully some kind comments from the all of the team (including DB) of course.

What do others think?

***Freddy says do it!***
Dear Ed,

I'm quite sad to read your message, but those things happen, and I want to thank you for all the great support you were to the Frpntier communities.
It was always a great pleasure meeting you and I will always remember the PlanetCoaster Launch event when I first met you - a very special moment for me!
I wish you all the best, tons of fun and joy in your life and most of all health!

I hope to meet you one day again, and maybe we meet once in Blackpool ;-)
All the best and a big hug for you!
Hey Ed, real sorry to hear that you're leaving Frontier, but the very best for the future. It's a bright one no doubt!

As I said to you at FX17 when we met very briefly, a huge thank you for all your passion and enthusiasm, it really makes a difference and you have been a massive inspiration to the community. Everyone is going to miss you dude!

We salute you! o7o7o7o7o7o7o7o7o7o7o7o7o7o7o7o7o7o7
Good luck, Ed. Star community manager and all-round great bloke. Perhaps you'll pop back into the Elite Dangerous world from time to time! O7
Thanks for all the amazing times Ed. Really hope you stay in touch with the community, though I expect you will throw yourself into your new challenge with all the zest and boundless energy you devoted to Elite.

Good luck our lad, fly safe o7
So saddened to hear you are going, Ed - I have always enjoyed your livestreams and posts, and admire both your professionalism and sense of fun. Though you leave a good team behind you, it will still not be the same! Best of luck and hope to encounter you again in some other online community far, far away!
Ed, I’m actually disappointed in hearing this news. If it is so good and so many close friends and professional security why in God’s name would you leave it ?

Having got that off my chest, I’ve always found your streams engaging, loved your singing voice and shall miss your devilish personality.

So the best of luck with your new venture, I hope it fills that gap in your life and if it is about money...your wallet .

Kind regards to you and your family


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You've been a great and very effective professional CM, Frontier is going to miss you as much as we the community do. Good luck in your new professional horizon.
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Just another few things I've been remembering, for if you look back over this thread.

The chat we had at the Bristol Elite Meet a couple of years ago.

As well as all the joy you've brought us by watching you on livestreams I've been remembering the involvement I've had with you around them. You started me on the path to Modhood by making me a Youtube mod one CQC stream, because there were no mods on that evening and you wanted someone to post links for you :D

The first 24hr Charity livestream, I was on right at the start as part of the docking challenge which I didn't do great at (pre my hardcore Buckyball days). And then coming back on at around 6am for what was supposed to be a biscuit review, but I remember it ending up just being more of a chat between a few of us :)

The first Buckyball Racing Club episode of Educating Ed.

And then getting the opportunity to co-host 3 of the Canonn Educating Ed episodes. The first one of those I did, was the first of anything like that I've done and by rights I should have felt really nervous, as most of the rest did. But because it was you it just felt like having a chat with a friend, albeit a silly chat and we made sure the boiler suit, tin foil and goggles were properly secured :D You made people feel relaxed around you and those 3 one hour streams, I will remember very fondly. Especially when we took you to Earth and got you to honk an Unknown Probe within it's sphere of influence!

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